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Indoor climbing walls are cool but…photo(1)

Camping in your living room in Brooklyn is cool but…

How about grabbing a date, or your spouse, or a college friend, or your kids and getting into a full on natural, fun get away that is just 1.5 hrs from NYC?

Rock climbing and camping go hand in chalky hand. Some of the best climbing in the world is right here in New Paltz, NY at the Gunks in Ulster County not 5 minutes from Minnewaska State Park. Drive up rt 87 and the Gunks stick up and scrape the sky. They are as forbearing as the jaw of a pissed off Marine.

For those adventure seekers who are a little rugged, the perfect outdoorsy , adventure weekend can be attained by coming to Rustic Ridge View horse farm in nearby Kerhonkson and camping in our enchanting Hammock Forrest.



See For Yourself


We’ll get you up in the morning with a hearty (organic if you wish) farm breakfast and get you on your way up to the Gunks for a day of rock climbing. Options include organic eggs from free range chickens who will waddle over and check you out. We can accommodate any diet or let you fend for yourself.

Set your gear up to the squawking of curious Guinea Hens and if you wish, we’ll give you a lift to the mountain so you need not worry about parking. Guide yourself or ask us for a guide. We’ll have a nice campfire dinner for you on your return and listen to your tales of the day’s adventure. Or leave you alone!

You’ll be surrounded by gentle, grazing horses on the other side of a fence. Catch the right weather and you’ll get a stunning sunset, too! This is easy, clean, comfy camping. You bring your own tent and sleeping bags and set up under the breezy, pine scented spruces just steps away from a bathroom and hot outdoor shower.

We moved up here from New York City years ago to commune with nature and horses. Mission accomplished. For most months of the year, there is no more peaceful, naturally beautiful place in the world. It would, however, be hype to say this of February. But unless you are really out there, winter camping and climbing just ain’t on the bucket list.

If you can’t leave it all behind, we have wifi. We also have a hot tub. The point is, we’ll make sure you have a great experience. Rates are really reasonable, especially if you bring a bottle of wine to share with us.